Benefits of using Pet Care

We know that it can be stressful to leave your pet at home, whether it is while you are at work all day or on vacation.  For most pets, staying at home is ideal – it is where they feel most comfortable, have a routine, and can be in their own environment.  A Pet Care pet sitter will be able to provide care, meals, medication and playtime in the comfort of your own home.  This can be a much better alternative for several reasons:

  • It is less stressful on the pet.  They don’t need to be in a strange place surrounded by other pets.  Your pet also gets our undivided attention while we are there.  They love this extra special treatment and many owners have commented that they come home to very happy, content pets.
  • It is more convenient for you.  If you are at work all day, or away, your pet will be there to greet you when you return.  You won’t need to worry about making it to the doggie day care or kennel during their business hours.
  • It will give you piece of mind.  Using Pet Care, with over 25 years of experience, you know that your pet will be well cared for by professionals.  You won’t need to rely on a friend or a neighbor who may just be doing it as a “favor”.  This is our passion, and you can count on us!
  • Security for your home.  By having Pet Care visit you pets in your home, your house will be more secure.  We take in mail and packages, switch lights, make sure the heating, etc. is working and make your home appear that someone is there.  There is no greater sign for a potential burglar than a home with newspapers piled at the end of the driveway or no lights on.  We also water plants, care for your pool, and take in/out the trash cans.

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